IMS introduces Greenstone, Ireland’s first ever certified recycled aggregate

Integrated Materials Solutions is proud to introduce Ireland’s first ever recycled aggregate certified by NSAI for reuse back into construction projects.

In 2019, Ireland produced c. 7.5 million tonnes of C&D waste, of which c. 10% was waste concrete, and this figure is projected to rise in coming years. In addition, an estimated 36 million tonnes of aggregate were produced in Ireland last year. Extraction of virgin materials is essential for the construction industry, however it has many environmental and climate impacts.

Recycling concrete not only diverts useful materials from landfill saving landfill void, it also reduces the volume and associated environmental impacts of new extraction of virgin aggregate. IMS acceptance of waste concrete and our state-of-the-art recycling processes meet the highest certified engineering and quality standards under our Waste Licence and NSAI product certification. This guarantees our customers a fully fit-for-purpose material.

Following a detailed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and independent verification, our recycled aggregate has been certified to have a carbon footprint of only 5% of virgin aggregate. In addition, Greenstone is the only aggregate in Ireland to have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) as issued by the Irish Green Building Council.

Shannon Valley Managing Director, Michael English said: “Shannon Valley Group have been working with IMS for many years and we have been sending waste concrete for recycling from many project across Dublin. We are very happy to be given the opportunity to divert our waste concrete from landfill and put it to good use. The products offered by IMS are of a very high quality and we are looking at reusing the material for a number of upcoming roads and civil projects.”

Cian O’Hora, IMS Managing Director said: “Greenstone is a major step forward in the shift to a more circular economy for the construction industry in Ireland. This achievement is an example of IMS’s ever-expanding environmental services and commitment to finding sustainable and compliant solutions. By sending waste concrete to us for recycling and using Greenstone back into their projects, construction companies can help us close the loop and greatly improve their carbon footprints, which in return would help them achieving sustainability status in LEED or BREAM certification.”