Our Services

IMS offer a very competitive waste management solution to the Construction & Demolition sector, Commercial sector, Industrial sector & to Local Authorities.

What We Do

IMS offer tailored services for the management of construction, residual and other materials. Environmental and waste legislation is complex and our qualified and expert staff are available to assist in ensuring compliant waste management for your project. We can offer certificates of treatment as well as full chain of custody records and certified weighbridge reports as required.

We can provide assistance on waste classification, minimisation as well as organising and overseeing waste removal and haulage of inert and other waste types including non-hazardous and hazardous materials through our strategic partners.

Waste types accepted for disposal and recovery at the Hollywood facility include:

  • Soil and Stone (greenfield & brownfield)
  • Dredging Waste
  • Mixed construction and demolition waste
  • Concrete & Rubble
  • Water treatment residues
  • Invasive Species Disposal, e.g. Japanese Knotweed

A full list of the relevant EWC codes is outlined in the table below. We can also request other waste codes which meet the inert landfill limits following approval by the EPA. The facility accepts brownfield soil and stone which contains low level contamination including mineral oil, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PCBs and heavy metals at limits prescribed in the Landfill Directive and the site’s Waste Licence. Physical contaminants such as brick, concrete, tiles etc are also acceptable if they are inert.

  • 170101


  • 170102


  • 170103

    Tiles and ceramics

  • 170107

    Mixture of concrete, bricks, tiles and Ceramics

  • 170202


  • 170504

    Soil and stones

  • 170506

    Dredging spoil

  • 170904

    Mixed construction and demolition wastes

  • 101006

    Casting cores and moulds

  • 190902

    Sludges from water clarification

  • 190904

    Spent Activated Carbon