About IMS

Integrated Materials Solutions (IMS) was established in 2016 with the aim to change the way construction and residual waste is managed in Ireland.

The companies main site is the Hollywood Facility; an engineered landfill in Dublin licenced to accept wastes which meet the inert landfill limits as set out in the Landfill Directive and the site’s Waste Licence W0129-02.

The facility is strategically located just off the M1 motorway less than 25km from Dublin City Centre and we accept materials from many parts of the country. We work with government bodies, private developers and contractors of all sizes to provide an economic and compliant waste management solution.

The site is a former Limestone and Shale quarry which has been operating as an engineered landfill since 2003. The quarry is being restored to it’s original landform though the systematic placement of waste in engineered cells. The acceptance and management of waste together with comprehensive environmental monitoring requirements are prescribed in the sites Waste Licence which is regulated by the EPA. The facility operates an Environmental Management System to ensure licence and regulatory requirements are complied. The EMS system also ensures continual monitoring and improvement of environmental performance to ensure site operations are carried out to the highest standards. We are mindful of the community in which we operate and we aim to be proactive in the community and regularly engage with neighbours and local stakeholders.

IMS is committed to the Circular Economy Strategy and the company is continually investing in research and development in the areas of recycling and End of Waste. The company is currently working on a number of applications to increase recovery and recycling activities at the Hollywood facility which will play an important part in Ireland's sustainable development and improve national recovery levels.